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Since 1911 Armstrong Bros Plumbing has been trusted to solve our customers plumbing problems. Specializing in residential plumbing and commercial plumbing for the Sarasota, FL area; we solve your problems promptly both day and night.

Our company has the staffing, parts and inventory on hand to handle your plumbing problem at your house or business. Technology in the industry has changed immensely over the last 100 years, and we have been here for all of it. We have evolved; and have the technology and resources to handle any plumbing problem. Our plumbers are in uniform, and our professionalism is second to none. Our pride is in our trade, and we look forward to serving your needs on your next plumbing project. 

Plumbing Services Offered At Our Location

We offer two broad categories for our plumbing services. This depends on whether you need plumbing services for your home or business. Our professional plumbers understand every plumbing system with ease and will do an amazing job, satisfaction guaranteed!

Now, let’s walk you through our services as Sarasota plumbers.

Residential Plumbing Repairs in Sarasota FL

Clogged Drains

Experiencing slow or clogged drains? Our plumbers are experts in drain cleaning, using the latest technology to quickly clear any obstruction, ensuring your drains function perfectly.

Dishwasher Installation

Upgrade your kitchen with our dishwasher installation service. Our professional plumbers ensure a seamless integration into your plumbing system, enhancing your kitchen’s efficiency and convenience.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Keep your kitchen clean and odor-free with our garbage disposal installation services. A must-have for modern kitchens, our installations are quick, ensuring your kitchen sink drain remains clog-free.

Hot Water Heater Repair

No hot water? Our plumbers provide fast, reliable hot water heater repairs. We address common and complex issues, ensuring you enjoy consistent hot water in your home.


For stubborn clogs and buildup, our hydrojetting service is the answer. This powerful cleaning method blasts through blockages, restoring your plumbing system to peak performance.

Kitchen Sink Faucets

Update your kitchen with new sink faucets. Whether it’s repair or replacement, our plumbers ensure a leak-free installation, enhancing your kitchen’s functionality and style

Leak Detection

Our expert leak detection services prevent potential water damage by identifying and fixing leaks early. Trust our plumbers for efficient and accurate leak detection.


Pipe Lining / Pipe Coating

Extend the life of your plumbing with our pipe lining and coating services. A non-invasive solution to pipe damage, ensuring your plumbing system remains robust and leak-free.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Sewer problems can be a major headache. Our team offers comprehensive sewer line repair and replacement services, addressing any issues quickly to maintain your home’s sanitation and comfort.


Toilet Repair

From running toilets to leaks, our toilet repair services cover it all. Our plumbers provide efficient repairs, ensuring your bathroom remains functional and water-efficient.

Whole House Water Filters

Improve your home’s water quality with a whole house water filter. Our installation service ensures clean, safe water throughout your home, enhancing health and indoor air quality.

Whole House Repipe

For homes suffering from old, failing pipes, our whole house repipe service offers a complete solution. Experience improved water pressure, quality, and peace of mind with new plumbing throughout your home.


Each service is delivered with Armstrong Bros Plumbing’s signature care, ensuring every job site is treated with respect and every service call ends with your complete satisfaction. Trust Sarasota’s top plumbers for all your plumbing service needs, where excellent customer service and superior plumbing solutions are guaranteed.

Commercial Plumbing Repairs

When commercial plumbing problems arise, Armstrong Bros Plumbing is the plumbing company to call. Our expert team is equipped to handle plumbing repairs with efficiency and professionalism. From minor leaks to major issues, we ensure your business operations continue smoothly with minimal downtime.

Backed Up Drains

Don’t let backed-up drains disrupt your business. Our drain cleaning plumbing services are designed to tackle even the most stubborn blockages. Using the latest technology, our plumbers restore your drains to optimal condition, ensuring your business bathroom and kitchen sink drain are free-flowing.

Commercial Water Heaters

Reliable water heaters are crucial for your business. Whether you need plumbing repair or installation, our licensed plumbers ensure your commercial water heaters operate efficiently. Expect hot water tank solutions that meet your business’s specific needs, supported by great customer service.

Faucet Repair and Installation

A dripping faucet is more than an annoyance—it can impact your business’s water bill. Our professional plumbers excel in faucet repair and installation, ensuring every tap in your establishment functions flawlessly, saving you money and preventing water waste.

Flush Valves for Toilets

Efficient flush valves are essential for the comfort of your customers and employees. Our experts specialize in flush valve repair and installation, ensuring your business’s bathrooms operate reliably and hygienically.

High Pressure Water Jetting

For the most stubborn drain and sewer line clogs, we employ high-pressure water jetting. This method clears blockages effectively, ensuring your plumbing is free of obstructions and operates at peak efficiency.

Pipe Lining / Pipe Coating

Protect your property’s plumbing infrastructure with our pipe lining and coating services. This trenchless technology repairs and reinforces pipes without the need for extensive excavation, offering a cost-effective solution to your plumbing needs.

Sewer Line Repair/Replacement

Our team tackles sewer line problems with expertise and cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s repair or replacement, we ensure a smooth and timely process, minimizing disruption to your business and safeguarding against future plumbing issues

Urinal Repair and Installation

We provide expert urinal repair and installation services. Our professional plumbers ensure that your commercial restrooms are fully functional, offering comfort and convenience to your patrons and staff.

Video Camera Inspections

To accurately diagnose and resolve plumbing issues, we use video camera inspections. This non-invasive technique allows us to identify problems within your plumbing system swiftly and accurately, ensuring targeted repairs that save time and money.

As your plumbing contractors, your commercial plumbing needs are handled with extreme professionalism and excellent service.

Our comprehensive range of services, from water leak detection to bathroom renovation, is backed by our commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction. Trust us as your go-to plumbers for reliable, professional plumbing solutions.

Why Choose Armstrong Bros Plumbing for your Emergency Services?

Selecting the right plumber is crucial, and our company stand out for several reasons. Our team comprises professional plumbers equipped with the latest technology, ready to tackle any plumbing issue, anytime. Here’s why we are your go-to plumbing service:

Our team is the backbone of our service. Each plumber is a licensed expert, skilled in handling everything from simple repairs to complex installations. We ensure our staff is up-to-date with the latest plumbing techniques, offering solutions that save you time and money.

We use cutting-edge technology to diagnose and fix plumbing problems fast. This means quicker repairs, less intrusion, and more effective results for everything from clogged drains to water heater issues

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why we’re available 24/7, ready to address urgent issues swiftly to prevent damage to your property.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart. We aim for excellence in every interaction, ensuring your experience is smooth from the first call to project completion. We pride ourselves on quality work and guarantee your satisfaction.

Choosing Armstrong Bros Plumbing means opting for reliable, efficient, and friendly service. We’re more than just plumbers; we’re your neighbors dedicated to keeping your plumbing running smoothly.

Why Choose Armstrong Bros Plumbing for your Emergency Services?

For over 110 years, Armstrong Bros Plumbing has stood as a beacon of reliability and expertise. Our journey from 1911 to the present day isn’t just a timeline; it’s a story of innovation, adaptation, and unwavering dedication to excellence in plumbing services. As the industry has transformed, so have we, embracing new technologies and methodologies to ensure we provide nothing but the best plumbing solutions to our customers.

Our secret? A deep understanding of both the science and the art of plumbing. This, combined with our commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements, allows us to tackle plumbing problems of any scale and complexity. Whether it’s a simple drain cleaning or a comprehensive plumbing project, we’re equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to get the job done right.

But what truly sets Armstrong Bros Plumbing apart is our customer-centric approach. We believe in building relationships, not just client lists. From the moment you call us to the completion of your plumbing project, you’re treated with respect, transparency, and genuine care. Our plumbers, in their crisp uniforms, are not just skilled technicians; they’re ambassadors of our core values of trust, professionalism, and great customer service.

Armstrong Bros Plumbing stands proud as a locally owned and operated plumbing company. We take great pride in serving the households and businesses in our community, ensuring each plumbing repair call ends with complete satisfaction.

When you choose Armstrong Bros Plumbing, you’re not just hiring a plumber; you’re partnering with a century-old institution that values quality work, respects your time, and guarantees satisfaction.

Experience the Armstrong difference today, and see why we are the trusted name in Sarasota’s plumbing scene. Call Us Today at (941) 721-4645 for a free estimate!

Call us Today & Get The Best Plumbing Contractors!

Solving a plumbing issue should be straight-forward and easy. At least on your part! That’s why we offer an easy process to get a free estimate for any plumbing service you need. Whether it’s a small repair or a large-scale project, our team is ready to provide you with an accurate and transparent quote.

Choosing Armstrong Bros Plumbing means opting for peace of mind. As a licensed and insured plumbing company, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our commitment to excellence is not just a promise—it’s a practice. This ensures that when you invite us into your home or business, you’re getting service from professionals who truly care about your satisfaction.

Don’t let plumbing needs disrupt your day. Reach out to Armstrong Bros Plumbing, and let us show you what a century of plumbing excellence looks like. Visit us at or give us a call at (941) 721-4645. Let’s ensure your plumbing is in the best hands—because at Armstrong Bros, your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

However, be ready for repercussions because by the time our master plumber leaves your house, you’ll be in love with Armstrong Bros!

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Tricia Smith
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"We had a big event planned at our home and needed service ASAP. They really stepped up to make sure we were up and running before our guests arrived!! Staff was very knowledgeable and professional. Prices were reasonable. Highly recommend these folks."
Bob Esposito
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"Had a clogged toilet issue when we were just about to have family guests. They arrived when they said and did a quick, CLEAN, job at a very fair price. I didn’t know what to expect when I called someone I found on Google. Call them, you won’t be disappointed."
Thomas Browning
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"We discovered a leak coming from behind the wall of our shower and called up Armstrong. Joe showed up the same day, he was very nice and professional. He fixed the leak and replaced the shower valve without any problems, cleaned up and was on his way. I highly recommend Armstrong Bros Plumbing."
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