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Knowing the Plumbing World: What are The Types of Plumbing?

Plumbing is an essential part of our lives, but do you pay attention to it?

We just keep living, until we have some plumbing problem and then finally start looking for solutions and end up learning some things or two about it, but in the process, we get mad, anxious, and sometimes desperate! Plumbing problems can be harsh!

You might be thinking: What is the purpose of knowing something about plumbing? I’m not a plumber!

We must know a few things about our house in general, having a general knowledge will prevent you from getting deceived when dealing with someone or some company with bad intentions. Besides that, having basic plumbing knowledge can also help your future self to solve basic problems like unclogging a sink!

Thinking about it, we from Armstrong Bros are going to release the Ultimate Guide to Knowing the Plumbing World! With thoughtful tips to help you in your daily life.

Types Of Plumbing

Before getting to the different types of plumbing, let’s start from the beginning. What does “Plumbing System” mean? The plumbing system is the gathering of all your water supply and distribution pipes, plumbing fixtures and traps, Soil, waste, and vent pipes; Sanitary, storm sewers, and building drains, including their respective connections devices, and appurtenances within the premises; And finally the water-treating equipment.

The purpose of having a Plumbing System is to distribute drinkable water inside your building or house and remove all the waste related to water.

Know that you know the basics about plumbing: What are the main types of Plumbing systems?

There are four main types of plumbing systems:

Single stack system
Partially vented single stack system
One-pipe system
Two-pipe system

Single Stack System

Single Stack system, also known as a wet vent system is the most simplistic sort of plumbing system between the four categories specified.

The single stack is based on the hypothesis that the drain lines will support the three constituents of any drainage system: solids, liquids, and air. It moves both soil and wastewater to the drain, as well as producing ventilation. All of the devices attached to the stack need deep seal traps.

This system transports wastewater from bathrooms, sinks, and water receptacles to a single pipeline with a vent pipe on the top. The single stack system will use traps made with a 75mm water seal.

Partially Vented Single Stack System

This system is similar to the single stack system but there is one soil pipe into which all water-closets, baths, sinks, and basins are released. Also, there is a relief vent, which ventilates only the traps of water closets
In this one, the traps of the washbasin and the sinks are not connected to the vent pipes.

One-Pipe System

The one-pipe system has only one central pipe that collects both the dirty soil waste and the waste from the house. The principal pipeline is attached straight to the drain. The vent pipe gets connected with all the traps and it’s used most for closets, sinks, and washbasins.

Two-pipe system

This system uses two pipelines, one to get the dirty soil and water closet wastes, and the second one collects water from the kitchen, bathrooms, house washings, etc. The soil pipes are directly attached to the drain, which has the waste pipes connected into a completely ventilated gully trap.

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